Top Online Casino Games

Jet Casino has plenty of benefits, but the main one is its game selection. Players can pick a casino game of their interest without long and boring searching – the site comes with a very handy search filter. You can access the casino game library from any gadget. It concerns live dealer games as well.

What is more, the site allows playing for fun since most games have both real-money and demo versions. This is a great option for newbies and those who wish to get familiar with the casino before getting registered. The platform has generous bonuses, and this is also important because bonuses may make part of a well-thought-out winning strategy.

Types of Online Casino Games

Let’s get into the main game types you can play. Surely, most players prefer slots. However, the choice of casino games on Jet Casino is much broader:

  • slots: 2D, 3D, classical, modern, Hold&Win, Megaways, Bonus-Buy, and many more;
  • board games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Craps, and several others;
  • jackpots;
  • risky and instant games;
  • live dealer table: Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, etc.;
  • live game shows.

Most of these titles are introduced by the top developers and can be played for free. This does not concern all live casino games – they are real money only.

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Casino Games Tips

People gamble because they want to win prizes and have some fun. Jet Casino is the very platform for both. However, no matter which platform you prefer, there are simple gambling rules you should follow to ensure a great gambling experience and protect yourself from bitter disappointments.

Set Your Budget

The first golden rule is that the player should decide which sum they can afford to spend in the casino without fear of shattering their financial balance. Make it a rule not to exceed your preset budget. Whether you win or not, you will enjoy a slot or another casino game without a worry about your funds.

Set Limits

How much gambling is enough? Today’s gambling sites participate in Responsible Gambling programs. Jet Casino is among them, so it has all means to help you with self-exclusion and limiting your activities on the site. Be sure to define these limits. Remember that playing online casino games should not affect your personal life or career. Mind that not only loss limits are important – the win limits also matter!

From the outset, determine how much time you can spend on casino games without breaking the peace in your routine life. How much do you wish to win?  When you are dreaming of an immense jackpot, be realistic and go to this goal little by little, without damage to pleasure!

Rules and Strategies

Jet Casino is ready to supply you with the most diverse collection of games. It’s up to you to choose your favorite. However, each game type has its own rules and requires its own winning strategy.

Thus, when a slot machine is on your mind, you should discriminate slots by their main characteristic. There are different strategies to win on a classical 3×5 fruitie and a modern slot with multiple features. Be it expanding symbols, Bonus-Buy, or multipliers, be sure to read the rules of the game stated on its paytable. Moreover, include such factors as the game’s RTP, variance, max wins, bet limits, and other options.

When playing a table game, be aware that such online casino games as poker require solid skills to expect huge wins in it. For a beginner, Jet Casino would recommend Blackjack or Video Poker as more simple ways to enjoy a card game that requires strategic vision. But even if you opt for Roulette – a mere game of chance – be sure to learn its rules and bet types available in the game. Pay attention to the house edge as well.

Some rules are universal for all game categories, from slots up to live dealer game shows. When playing, be sure to:

  • opt for reliable platforms like Jet Casino – legal, secure, and with superb services;
  • play for pleasure first of all;
  • never chase losses;
  • use bonuses – they may be one of the key points in your winning strategy;
  • read reviews and articles focused on gambling in general;
  • be able to stop;
  • set time/funds/losses/winning limits and comply with them.

When you stick to these simple rules, your gambling experience will never bring you to a dead-lock of disappointment or addiction.

Free Play Mode

Be sure to add one more “must-do” to the list above. It is better to choose sites that offer demo games. Thus, you will be able to explore both the game and the site. This option is especially precious for beginners. Jet Casino offers one of the broadest collections of free online casino games, so be sure to use this offer!

Casino Terms

You will understand casino games better and win, therefore, more when you are familiar with specific terms. Let us provide you with a short glossary of them:

  • Bet/Wager. This is a more common term for a stake – you place it on the game’s spin or round.
  • In Baccarat, this is one of the betting options. In online casino games like poker, the Banker – computer or human – rules the game session.
  • These are tokens, with the help of which one makes a bet in a casino.
  • This is a sum of money the player places on their casino account.
  • Face Cards. In a deck of cards, these are Kings, Queens, and Jacks.
  • Flash Casino. This is a gambling platform powered by the obsolete Adobe Flash technology. Its main benefit is that one should not download any software to play online casino games on such a site. Jet Casino no longer supports games based on Flash. All titles here run on HTML5.
  • High Roller. This term describes a player who prefers high stakes.
  • House edge. This is a percentage that displays which amount of the total bets in a certain game will go to the casino. That is, when Blackjack has a 0.5% house edge, it means the house will keep itself $5 from each $1,000 players have wagered in the game.
  • Instant Casino. Here, one can play any casino games without the necessity to download or set up any software, that is, instantly.
  • This is a huge prize in a game, which is usually accumulated due to the players’ bets.
  • Max/Min bet. This is a range of bets one can place in a game.
  • Multiplayer games. These are slots that have a multiplier feature.
  • This is the amount of your win that will be paid to you by the casino.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG). This is an algorithm that ensures the randomness of the game’s outcomes, that is, their fairness.
  • In games like Blackjack, this is a set of card decks used in the games. For instance, there can be 6 or 8 decks in Blackjack.
  • The term is the equivalent of a bet or a wager.

Suit. Regardless of what game you play at Jet Casino, you have four suits: diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts.